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Пропала КХС (голышка) МСК

7 мая с Москва-реки в Строгинского моста пропала бронзовая сука китайской хохлатой породы.
Свежеподстриженная и эпилированная!
тел. 8-925-226-11-18
Хозяева будут благодарны за любую информацию!
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Пропал пуховый китаец!

28.11.2010 в Наро-Фоминске пропал кобель породы КИТАЙСКАЯ ХОХЛАТАЯ (пуховик, паудер-пафф).
Может находиться где угодно! Если Вы обладаете какой-либо информацией о его местонахождении - просьба срочно сообщить нам по телефону: +79251588753 Оксана

ЗЫ: от себя добавлю, что собака после нескольких дней на улице становится похожа в лучшем случае на метиса какой-нибудь болонки. Поэтому присматриваться стоит ко всем отдаленно похожим по цвету и размеру.
Любая информация важна! Даже, если Вы увидели и не уверены, что он, все равно лучше позвонить и сказать хозяевам, так как важна любая зацепка!

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Er, I don't know if anyone is still watching this community, but I have a query ^^;;

My puppy Bliss is half crested, and she has the most sensitive skin ever! I've been through a few different kinds of harnesses now (as she does not do well walking just on collar) and they all seem to bother her skin. She gets rashes, and even scabs! No good! I've tried the classic harness with different fabrics, I've tried one that just hooks under her front paws with special padding, and right now I have her in a "soft harness" with is made of some super soft fabric, and stays on with Velcro and clips. She seems okay in it thus far-- no whining and laying down, like before in the other harnesses (in fact she's whipping around the apartment right now, so I think she's fine) but I just thought I would ask-- has anyone else had this problem? What did end up working in the end?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

And to close, some pictures <3 Click to enlarge!

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Не буду вдаваться в подробности. Убежал с Москва-реки и пошел в сторону метро Щукинская вдоль дороги... по дороге.... его видело много людей. Последний раз его видели на площади Курчатова. Если есть возможность поклеить макетики в СЗАО, буду очень благодарна. Главное его не ловить.

silly question:

I know this is a ridiculous question (and as a dog lover I feel ashamed that I don't know the answer) but out of curiosity, can cresties get mosquito bites? Tadpole has a small little lump on his back - about the size of a pencil eraser, right next to his spine - that's been there for few days and every once in a while he acts like it itches and he licks or nibbles it a little. It's not a pimple and doesn't look like anything else that he's had before.... Mosquito bite or something else? And here's a picture of the little naked man, since I haven't posted in a long time:

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id like you all to meet my future new addition

his name is going to be Jasper

his registered name will be

Seven Seas Peices of Eight OR Seven Seas Persian Treasure (jasper means treasure in persian aparently)
the kennel name (not my own) is Seven Seas, so i obviously have no choice over that but since im a pirate person it works well...

im sticing to the Treasure theme to go with my Ruby Girl too!

hes 6 wks old in this pic...hell be staying with mum for a few more weeks of course before comming home with me...hes a little tiny guy at only 1lb 4oz at 6 weeks, the breeder thinks he'll make it to 8-9lbs though.

ruby is very excited about it (i keep telling her shes getting a playmate and she spins in circles!) and im excited (and getting stuff ready while attempting to not explode.

aint he adorable?!

and yes im a well educated seasoned puppy buyer, mommy and daddy are both show dogs and tested Baer, optigen ect...
theres a possibility i will be attempting to show this little guy IF he pans out well for fun only...


new here

so i thought id introduce myself and my baby.

ruby is a powderpuff crestie (clipped pony style)  she is also a seizure alert and responce dog in training.
she will be 2 come february and came to me from a very abusive home.
i was a chihuahua person and am owned by 2 chis as well, but ruby has won my heart!

Ruby is 10lbs full grown, red and white and such a nut.
shes certainly no girly froo froo dog.  She is the champion rodent catcher in the house, the chis take care of the crickets, she takes care of chipmonks...never hurts them...but aparently there fun to play fetch with...
she loves to "play dress up" but i think its mostly because she knows sweter/coat/pjs mean outside trip and she loves being outside!

How ruby came to my lifeCollapse )

she has changed my world, i love my other dogs, but ruby is my heart dog!

as for me
im just a girl, 23 yrs old with light enduced epilepsy.

im a certified dog trainer whos currently out of work, and involved in breeding /showing chihauhaus (though have been thinking about moving to cresties in the future)  i do all grooming of ruby myself.
zoology major.

so yeah, this is realy long...